Project Overview – Aims, Objectives and Vision

In my composition project for college this year I have a number of aims and objectives to act as motivation for my creativity.

I have three overarching aims for this project, which are as follows:

I will explore:

  • Concepts including materialism, mindfulness and politics
  • Techniques drawn from plunderphonics
  • Techniques drawn from electroacoustic music

These aims are put in place in order to develop my:

  • Ability to compose using conceptually rich material
  • Ability to respond to the possibilities brought about by the semantic meaning of the words present in the recordings I sample, in addition to the sonic content
  • Studio technique
  • Ability to respond to different sound sources using interesting technical processes

My vision is to compose pieces that form a convincing and musically powerful reaction to politics, current affairs and modern living. These will hopefully prompt the listener to question their own values and reactions to the same issues. I hope to achieve this through both conscious dating of material, for example in the sounds or lyrical content I use, as well as using themes that do not such a precise dating to be powerful.

I will use this blog to discuss my:

  • Inspiration
  • Research
  • Artistic Philosophy
  • Compositional Techniques
  • Use of Technology
  • The Progress of the Project as a Whole

I will also take into account my aims, objectives and vision, if they are met or if they change over time.

I will study genres and artists that inspire my composition practice and draw parallels with my own work. I hope to shed light on particular artistic practices that allow me to broaden the options for the direction of my work. My first artist study will be on PJ Harvey.

Photograph of PJ Harvey taken from

– Sandy Power


Project Overview – Aims, Objectives and Vision

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